Welcome to The I AM Consciousness Community

Truth Teachings, Healing Rituals, Mantra-Meditations, Breathwork, Ancestral Wisdom + The 5Elements.

About Us

Consciousness + Devotion + Connection 

We are a Heart Centered Spiritual Community, a sacred space for Devotions, Meditations, Reflections, Healing Rituals and Practices of the I AM Consciousness Essential Teachings for a Joyful  & Harmonious Life.

In the teachings of Esther Nana Schmidt, we learn that the answers to most of our life's questions are summed up in the spiritual practice of these two words I AM.

I AM is transcendental consciousness, a state of being, a principle, a meditation, a practice and an embodiment of Divine All-ness expressing as individual life. 

The I AM Consciousness Community is a sacred space where Esther teaches this Divine Technology to help you emerge  your true identity; the I AM, heal, evolve, transform and create the world you desire to live in. 

Align With The Divine Integrity Of Your Soul

In The I AM Consciousness Community, you will develop a spiritual practice and the Consciousness of the Truth of your own being that will energize and inspire you be more of all that the Infinite Divine Life is as you. 

Life Is The Invisible Energy Of Spirit, Uniquely Expressing, Infinitely Unfolding As You

Why You Should Join Us 

💛 A Private Community - is a move away from the Social Media Distractions to focus on your Spiritual Growth.

✨ Because a healthy Spiritual Community grants you immunity from the lower frequencies of Life.

✨  and practice the essential teachings of The I AM Consciousness to create a life of Abundance + Presence and Power.

✨ Learn how to align with the 5 divine elements in support of your life‘s energy + Ancestral Wisdom for guidance.

✨ Become the Consciousness of Peace and the Energy of a New Earth.

✨ Learn how to Heal Yourself and bring Healing to the world. 

✨ Get spiritual support, nurturing and connect.

✨ Enjoy Monthly themes and guided Meditations + recorded videos for your practice.

✨ Weekly Live check-in + Q&A with Esther.

✨ Access to Heart Centered Live Courses and Events for your personal Transformation.

✨ Access to a Transcendental Global Community of people that inspires you to press into your ultimate purpose and dreams.

Change Your Consciousness, Transform Your Life,
Transform Your World!

A Community For Practicing And Living - The I AM Consciousness  

We Stand Out and Stand For a Life of Oneness, Sacredness & Wholeness.

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